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10 Reasons

Why you should become an Official Member of YAL

Earn the chance to start a YAL chapter on campus

All YAL Chapter Presidents are Official YAL members. Over 750 YAL chapters are active and forming on campuses nationwide. You can join your local chapter or start your own today YAL chapters are the backbone of our network and receive free resources, funding, and training from YAL national. Join tens of thousands of young people like yourself and become a leader on your campus today.

Attend YAL’s National Convention

There is nothing like the YAL National Convention, YAL’s biggest event of the year with over 350 top activists in attendance. Official YAL members get first consideration for being invited after applying. The top YAL members in the country are hand-selected to attend each summer.. Attendees will hear from the movement’s biggest names, receive advanced-level activism training, and get an experience like no other. Past speakers include: Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Penn Jillette and much more!

Get a job advancing liberty for a living

Hundreds of job and internship opportunities are available to YAL members. Official YAL members have access to YAL’s entire job bank. Not only does YAL have job opportunities and internships at the national office, but we connect leaders with jobs at over 45 other organizations.

Attend Spring Summits for free

Gain access to YAL’s newly launched events in the spring semester. Entrance is free for all Official YAL members. Spring Summits are an exclusive chance to see the movement’s best speakers, receive the best activism and communication training in the movement, and connect with hundreds of other YAL activists from your region.

Receive activism materials and grants

Want to promote the ideas of liberty but unsure of where to begin? As an Official YAL member, you can get hundreds of dollars worth of activism materials and grants to put on events that will boom on campus. Through YAL’s Own Your Activism you can get materials and funding for any of YAL’s national activism events or apply to get support for a unique event idea that is all your own.

Participate in National Activism Events

What’s louder and gets more attention: the voice of one person or the voice of hundreds all speaking at once? Every semester, hundreds of YAL chapters across the country join forces to make a national splash on american college campuses through a strategic national activism event. These events are a chance for your chapter to be a part of a national movement to address an issue.

Gain exclusive access to YAL gear

There’s nothing better than free swag, and we want to give it to you. T-shirts, YAL banners, stickers, bottle openers, books, buttons, and even cardboard cut outs of Ron Paul are available to YAL members in the form of activism prizes or items that can be purchased from YAL’s store.

Fight for free speech on your campus

YAL’s Fight for Free Speech campaign is a coordinated, national effort of hundreds of activists fighting to reform unconstitutional speech codes. You can be one of them. YAL’s DIrector of Free Speech works directly with Official YAL members to form the strategies that will win effectively restore civil liberties to your student body for years to come. Now that’s a legacy for liberty.

Tap into YAL’s speakers bureau

Want to bring a big-name speaker to your campus to recruit more members? By joining YAL you have access to our national staff who can connect you with speakers in the movement or set you up with one of our Virtual Liberty Speakers’ events. VLS events give you the chance to host a live Google Hangout with your chapter and one of the movement’s top names.

Learn the tactics and strategies to “win on principle”

You owe it to your philosophy to learn how to win! It is fundamental to YAL’s mission to train our members how to win the hearts and minds of others with the philosophy of liberty and how to be effective advocates for liberty. YAL provides the proper and necessary training curriculum to activate and mobilize a youth movement in defiance of big government. Whether you want to become a better communicator for liberty, become an effective force in the political process, or learn how to advance liberty in your own unique way, YAL has got the path for you to learn your full potential.