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  • Florida International University chapter updated their status: To all those interested, YAL-FIU will be doing our first tabling outside of the Green Library between 2 and 4:30. Please feel welcome to come by to engage in discussion and grab some free liberty swag. 2 years ago

  • Florida International University chapter updated their status: September 11, 2001…A day we as Americans will never forget…Partly because the after effects are still occurring throughout the world: 2 unwinnable wars, global spying, pernicious security institutions, a destabilized region, multiple apocalyptic terrorist rebel groups, and chaos and violence throughout majority of the Eastern Hemisphere. We seem to forget in cycles that the radical groups that do us harm are originally propped up by our own government, either to fight our battles or garner resources, only to do it all over again, hoping for a better outcome. So today, we should not only mourn the 2,977 people that died as a result of the 9/11 attacks, but the millions that have been killed or will be killed as a result of our government insisting upon meddling in situations that have been caused by its meddling. May we one day rise up and become the nation our founders intended us to be ???????? 2 years ago

  • Florida International University chapter updated their status: Sen. Bernie Sanders tonight continues to chant rhetoric about “social and economic justice,” with special attention to his goal of making public colleges “tuition-free.” While many college students see this proposal as a relief of their post-college debt burden, here are a few reasons why Liberty-conscious individuals may not be so keen in the matter:

    1. The money for “free” college has to come from somewhere, which will most likely be in the form of significantly increased taxes in a nation where people and businesses are already taxed in extraordinary manners.
    2. It continues the punishment of Americans who achieve economic success by forcing them to pay for the wants and needs of others.
    3. It would give the federal government an even larger hand in education than it already has.
    4. If the federal government would end giving out college loans to every person who applies, many universities would be left without a guarentee of student funds and be forced to lower their tuition to a reasonable amount.
    5. Colleges and universities, while used by many as an opportunity to learn valuable life and job skills, and creating open dialog about the challenges we face today, is also usually used by the institutions themselves to indoctrinate failed socialist and Keynesian into the minds of impressionable people, while ousting semblance of the free market principles America was founded on.
    6. Nobody deserves to to get something for nothing.

    “The old adage about giving a man a fish versus teaching him how to fish has been updated by a reader: Give a man a fish and he will ask for tartar sauce and French fries. Moreover, some politician who wants his vote will declare these things to be among his ‘basic rights.'” – Thomas Sowell 2 years ago

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