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Chapter Plan

The UW-Madison chapter will: - Recruit all members under the tent of liberty to our group - Meet Bi-Weekly to discuss chapter events, to plan, and to discuss philosophy, politics, and current events - Execute activism events that teach and motivate the campus to have meaningful thoughts and actions - Bring a culture of liberty to campus Using the tools given to us, we will make sure that we fulfill the mission statement of YAL; To identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists committed to winning on principle. Recruitment will include semesterly student organization fair, tabling at dining halls, and at campus malls. Meetings will consist of speakers, executive board members, general members, and other outside guests that help to educate the chapter on the ideas of liberty. Activism will include promotion of YAL and affiliated liberty group's conferences, activism that is relevant to our campus, and other activism that our general members want to execute.