Hi, I’m Cliff Maloney.

When we were drafting the copy for the “About the President” page we kept debating back and forth on how we should present “Cliff Maloney” to students, the media, or donors.

At a certain point I got sick of it and just decided I was going to write my own page and be as blunt as possible about who I am and why I love Young Americans for Liberty.

So anyway… Who am I?

I am a former school teacher from Pennsylvania.

I never imagined I would end up managing the largest conservative & libertarian student organization in the country.  

I am married to my beautiful wife, Grace. We have two dogs named Scout and Ranger.  

But you’re probably wondering, “Why is this guy or YAL worth my time?”

The answer may surprise you.

For many of you the answer is NO. Why is that?

YAL nor myself can change the world tomorrow. 

The reality is that changing the world takes time.

For those of you demanding the silver bullet that will solve all of our problems, I’ve got tough news for you.

… I don’t have it.

I remember when I was inspired by Ron Paul in 2011 and decided to get involved in a YAL chapter.

Little did I know how that decision would completely change the direction of my life.

Later on, I would serve as the National Youth Director for Senator Rand Paul’s Presidential campaign.

Neither of these campaigns won.

However, both of these campaigns grew the liberty movement, making us stronger than ever.

We now have an army of youth activists across the country that we can mobilize to make liberty win. At the same time, we have also elected a handful of congressmen and Senators that share our beliefs.

Building this army took 10 years.

If you are afraid of hard work or tough battles, YAL is not for you.

Young Americans for Liberty is identifying, educating, training, and mobilizing student activists across the country to fight back against the left on campus.

We have recruited thousands of students to join our movement.

Together, YAL activists have repealed 51 unconstitutional free speech codes — and we’ve only gotten started.

Not only are we fighting big government on campus, but we are then deploying these students into the field to win elections for liberty candidates.

This is called, “Operation Win at the Door”.

Its goal is to elect 250 liberty legislators by 2022.

So far YAL has achieved 38 victories, and we are already witnessing these legislators pass legislation that advances our cause.

We are building the pipeline of liberty candidates who will someday join the ranks of Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, and Rand Paul in the House and in the Senate.

But it’s going to take tremendous time and effort.

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • I will lead Young Americans for Liberty’s fight on campus and recruit thousands of students to our cause.

  • YAL will build the bench of liberty legislators to fill our state houses and later run for even higher office to restore our Republic.

  • I will directly ask for your help fund our efforts.

Yes, I just openly stated that I will ask for your support to fund everything we are doing at Young Americans for Liberty.

It used to be very difficult for me to do this.

However, I have pledged my life to serve the cause of liberty.

This is something I deeply believe in. I still can’t believe that God has given me this grand opportunity to lead the fight for liberty in our lifetime.

I can proudly ask for help knowing that your donation will be used to make liberty win.

So here’s my final pitch to you.

If you are a student and want to fight for liberty on the frontlines, I encourage you to join Young Americans for Liberty chapter on your campus.

If you are not a student, but you desperately want to be a part of our mission and fight for our Republic, free speech, civil liberties, the Second Amendment, cutting taxes, auditing the Federal Reserve…

Then please consider making a contribution to Young Americans for Liberty.

You can use that donation button in the top righthand corner of this page.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to me personally about supporting Young Americans for Liberty please do so.

Thank you so much for reading.

Cliff Maloney
(215) 989-3451

If you believe in the principles of liberty, free markets, and the US Constitution, please consider making your most generous contribution to sponsor YAL students to #MakeLibertyWin.