Utilizing close alliances with our legal partners, YAL helps students to craft policy memos challenging unconstitutional campus speech codes and submit them to their university administrators. If a memo directly calling out their harmful policies isn’t enough, YAL members also collect evidence of unconstitutional infringements to their speech being enforced during their activism to educate and recruit students to our cause. In recent times, the First Amendment has been more fiercely attacked than ever before at American universities by both ideological activists and college administrators who fear having an environment which fosters an open debate on subjects they may not agree with. In response, YAL launched our nationwide Fight for Free Speech campaign to convince administrators to overturn their restrictive and partisan policies and reinstitute the free speech protections provided by the Constitution. To date, YAL has helped to liberate the free expression rights of over 1.25 million students by overturning policies on over sixty college campuses.

If you know of a school with free speech issues, click here to file a report & get connected with our Director of Free Speech.