Thank you for your interest in an Internship with Young Americans for Liberty (YAL). This is arguably the best professional opportunity in DC and in the liberty movement. If offered, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to the largest, most active, and fastest growing pro-liberty organization in the country.

If you are an active member of YAL, then please apply now. (If you’re not a member, join YAL today — then apply!)

If you have any questions, please email internships@yaliberty.org.


Unlike some organizations, YAL assigns more than just entry-level work, though you will be given some. Interns must complete important tasks which require them to manage their time, utilize their organizational skills, and exhibit a strong work ethic. YAL is only interested in motivated, hard-working YAL members who can meet deadlines and perform immediately at a high level.

In many ways, working for YAL is a lifestyle and can open doors for you, especially if you want to work in the liberty movement.

During the internship, you will have the opportunity to work closely with full-time staff members, and learn more about what goes into running a student-based political non-profit.

This opportunity is perfect for someone looking to develop their professional skill set and get a broad overview of what it’s like to work in the liberty movement.

Want to learn more?

Each semester, YAL typically, but not always, offers the following internships:

Policy Intern

The Young Americans for Liberty policy intern will engage in policy research, strategic messaging, writing public policy briefs, and educating state legislators on YAL’s model legislation. You will conduct policy research used to craft impact reports (policy briefs) that assist legislators to understand our model legislation, draft strategic messaging for model legislation that accurately conveys its impact, directly assist in legislator education through phone calls and in some cases in-person meetings.

Skills preferred:

Strong understanding of pro-liberty principles
Demonstrate an ability to articulate these ideas
Strong writing and interpersonal skills
Exemplify drive and grit to achieve their goals

Communications Intern

Responsible for several tasks pertinent to the daily communications of the YAL network. From editing blogs to writing donor emails, you work with the YAL Director of Communications on a variety of projects. You will learn the ins-and-outs of MailChimp email services, messaging activism projects, executing social media campaigns, and coordinating press relations for pertinent activism stories and YAL national events.

Skills preferred:

Verbal and written communication
Experience with writing op eds
Video editing
Graphic design

Development Intern

Responsible for several tasks pertinent to the daily development program of the YAL network. From writing letters to assisting the President with donor calls, you work with the development team on a variety of projects. You will learn the ins-and-outs of Salesforce, Direct Mail, prospecting, and researching foundations and individuals responsible for growing YAL’s donor relations, providing the funds to keep the lights on.

As a general note, you will be on the phone a lot to help grow YAL’s donor list. Development is one of the most needed areas among non-profits, considering without funds we cannot run effectively. If you enjoy talking to people about how much you love liberty or even if you just want to improve or challenge your communications skills we highly recommend this position!

Skills preferred:

Nice handwriting
Background in customer service
Experience with phone banking

Operations Intern

Responsible for several tasks pertinent to the daily event’s program of the YAL network. From booking venues to organizing YAL National Conventions, you work with the Director of Operations on a variety of projects. You will learn the ins and outs of scheduling, booking, reviewing contracts pertinent to putting on successful YAL events. In addition to events work you will also aid the Director of Operations in daily office maintenance and administrative tasks

Skills preferred:

Familiar with booking flights, venues, catering
High attention to detail*
Extremely organized
Experience running events
Time management
Document editing
Written and verbal communication

Field Program Intern

Responsible for assisting Regional Directors with daily tasks and developing and expanding YAL’s member and chapter structure. You will assist in creating new national activism events, recruiting for YALCON or Spring Summits, chapter creation and activation, and the general maintenance of the field program.

This is the department which gets the most facetime with our Chapter Presidents and on the ground campus activists. Being the largest, most active, and fastest growing pro-liberty organization doesn’t just happen overnight. The results we produce in the field creates legitimacy and further establishes our growth on college campuses.

In this department, you will learn the driving force of our success. This is perfect for individuals looking to learn more about activism in the college sphere and will help jumpstart a potential career in said area.

Skills preferred:

Familiar with Facebook Graph Search
Experience phone banking
Basic knowledge of chapter creation and activation process
Data entry
Aware of basic persuasion techniques
Time and task management

Mobilization Intern

Responsible for assisting the Director of Mobilization with the daily tasks of researching various job and internship opportunities, posting on the job board, reaching out to alumni, scheduling, and surveying. If you are interested in career services, alumni relations, or recruiting this is the place for you!

Skills preferred:

Experience campaigning
Data entry and formatting
General knowledge of political career fields/opportunities
Verbal and written communication

Summer Interns earn $4,500 in four installments and Spring/Fall interns earn $6,300 in four installments through the Charles Koch Institute’s (CKI) Professional Education Program — this is one of the best-paid internships in DC. Housing is not provided.

This is a full-time position located in Arlington, VA. YAL’s office hours are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM every weekday — although one day each week will be spent at the Charles Koch Institute for professional development training.

Fall term typically runs early September through early December

Spring term typically runs late January through early May

Summer term typically runs early June through early August

What is the office culture like?

For how much YAL does we are a very small office, which means many of us are quite close. The office can be very fun and even sometimes entertaining. Most of us are HUGE fans of the office, so quoting the show is more than common. Aside from the fun stuff everyone is held to a high standard and working late is common. Most staff actually take on additional positions or responsibilities. We are laid back, but also fast paced and often state, “Statism never sleeps. Neither should we!” Overall, everyone is very friendly, helpful, but ready to #MakeLibertyWin.

Why do I need to get accepted into a CKI program?

First of all, why wouldn’t you want to be accepted into a CKI program? The connections you will make and learning you will do is incredible. YAL strongly believes that in order for our interns to receive the best experience they can it is imperative for them to participate in the program. Individuals who participate in the program typically stay involved in the liberty movement long term and come out of the program with a strong professional work ethic and a deep understanding of how they can influence our society towards a freer future.

Is there free housing?

YAL does not provide housing, however, there are plenty of ways to find reasonable housing around the Austin area. Depending on where you are looking and what rooming situation you are interested in rent can range from $600-$1,000. For example, if you are comfortable living in a house with five other people away from a metro stop your rent is going to be cheaper than someone living by themselves with a dog in the middle of the city. Typically rent is around to $800.

Is the position paid?

Summer Interns earn $4,500 in four installments and Spring/Fall interns earn $6,300 in four installments when participating in a CKI Internship or Fellowship program. This stipend is not taxed but will need to be reported when filing your taxes later in the year. Taxation is theft.

What can I do to prepare for my CKI program application and interview?

It is important to take time and research the vision and mission of CKI, so you have a clear understanding of what is expected in their program and all the great opportunities provided. Here are some resources to get you started:
– How the application process works
– CKI’s focus issues
– A copy of Good Profit by Charles Koch if you’re ambitious
– Learn Market Based Management
Framework for a Free Society

Where is the YAL office located?

The YAL office is located at 500 N Capital of Texas Highway, Austin, TX 78746

How many internships/fellowships are offered each semester?

Every semester is different at YAL. In general we typically always will want to have at least two development interns, one events intern, one communications intern, and two field interns. During the summer we usually have a full class of 8 interns.

Who should I contact for questions about my application?

You should contact the Director of Operations, Kathryn Brackbill, at internships@yaliberty.org

What is the dress code during an average work day?

Everyone dresses in casual attire. We want you to be comfortable while you work. Nice jeans without holes or rips and t-shirts without graphics are permitted. A good rule of thumb is “dress as if you’re meeting Ron Paul for lunch at his house.” Have a few business outfits for special occasions as well.

What does the average week look like in the YAL office?

It’s hard to say between semesters and departments, but the office is always buzzing with work. To get a general gist of what each department does please look at the descriptions above.

Are there any requirements to participate in an internship or fellowship with YAL?

Everyone needs to get accepted into a CKI program for us to bring you on the team, with the exception of the mobilization intern.

Do I ever have to run and get coffee for staff?

YAL prides itself on semester programs with REAL work experience. You will never be asked to go and get coffee for someone. While there will always be entry level work it will always be work that each and every staff member has also had to do at some point as well. Also, we have free coffee at the office.

What’s so great about YAL’s semester opportunities?

  • “YAL’s Communications Fellowship gave me valuable experience in every major aspect of communications work. After this fellowship, I now feel confident in pursuing a full-time career in this field because of all the opportunities Young Americans for Liberty’s program gave me.” – Amber Loveshe, Communications Fellow – Summer 17’
  • “YAL’s Internship Program changed my life by giving me the opportunity to find my niche in the Liberty movement and gain invaluable professional experience I can now use to further advance Liberty. Because of YAL’s Internship Program, I was able to move on and work for another libertarian organization.” – Eddie Stamper, Communications, and Southeast Field Intern – Spring 17’
  • “YAL’s Development Fellowship helps you learn to think on your feet. Throughout the semester you get to see YAL’s mission and goals really come together. It was great to be a part of YAL’s national team.” – Nicolas McCook, Development Fellow – Summer 17’

YAL will only consider applicants who are approved for the Koch Internship Program (KIP) with the exception of our Mobilization Intern.

It is imperative that you take this two-step application process seriously! We are a partner organization of the Charles Koch Institute’s (CKI) Professional Education Programs, which means in order to work with YAL for a semester you need to make it into their prestigious program as well.

Here are some quick tips and resources to help you out!

CKI Tips:

It is important to take time and research the vision and mission of CKI, so you have a clear understanding of what is expected in their program and all of the great opportunities provided. Think, “How would this program benefit me and how is it better than doing a typical internship?”

Here are some resources to get you started:

– How the application process works
– CKI’s focus issues
– A copy of Good Profit by Charles Koch if you’re ambitious
– Learn Market Based Management
– Framework for a Free Society

We recommend submitting an application as soon as possible! 

If you have already applied to a CKI program you DO NOT need to repeat this step. We will be able to tell when you get accepted.

In addition to CKI’s application, you will need to apply with YAL. We recommend filling out both applications right away to ensure a speedy review process and a higher probability of acceptance.

Fall 2019 dates: September 2nd – December 6th

To apply for the YAL Fall 2019 Internship, complete this application below!

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