It’s no secret that there has been an aggressive Leftist takeover of higher education at the academic, administrative, and executive levels. 

While professors teach you what to think – instead of how to think – school policies attack your right to free speech and leave you defenseless against an increasingly progressive system. 

And above all else, being a Conservative and Libertarian-minded student is often alienating and isolating. In many cases, it feels like you’re fighting on every turf as you battle ideological differences with faculty and search for friends on a campus overrun with woke Leftists.

So, how do Liberty loving students find their place and amplify their voice on Campus?

Well, by joining Young Americans for Liberty as an official member!

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13 unique shirts designs to choose from, get one for free when you join as an official member!

By joining YAL, you can be a part of the nationwide student movement to fight back against oppression, and fight for the ideas of Liberty.