State Chair Application

Calling all leaders!

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) seeks to identify and develop dedicated students and young professionals who want to advance freedom in a meaningful way. If you want to take on a greater role in the liberty movement, increase your responsibilities, and commit a significant amount of time to our cause, then please apply for a position on YAL’s Leadership Team below.

As a Leadership Team member, you will:

  • Earn a lucrative bonus package
  • Participate in official YAL strategy and our organization’s decision-making process
  • Lead your state as an official representative of YAL
  • Receive an official YAL email account, and Google Workspace
  • Expand your personal network within the liberty movement
  • Develop your communication and leadership skills
  • Gain valuable grassroots experience
  • Build your resume for your future career

Qualified Young Americans for Liberty members who are accepted to the Leadership Team will be assigned a State Chair position based on their unique skills and experience.  Each position’s term lasts for only one semester, but oftentimes State Chairs are offered the chance to return, assuming they serve admirably and productively.

YAL’s Leadership Team is headed by our Regional Directors.

Regional Directors work, communicate, and support the national network of State Chairs, chapter leaders, and YAL members.  If you are approved to join YAL’s Leadership Team as a State Chair, your Regional Director will contact you soon with more information.

State Chairs

Reporting directly to one of YAL’s Regional Directors, State Chairs operate in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Qualified teams of State Chairs will organize and manage state-wide activities.  Teams of State Chairs will work together to support YAL’s network.

The main responsibilities of each State Chair are to:

  1. Start new YAL chapters
  2. Recruit new YAL members
  3. Foster chapters’ activism within the state
  4. Organize YAL Regional Conventions
  5. Help reform unconstitutional speech codes on college campuses

State Chairs are identified leaders who have proven themselves on campus or in the field; approximately fifteen hours of work each week can be expected.

Leadership Team Application

Complete this application to apply for a State Chair position on YAL’s Leadership Team. If you have any questions, please email

State Chair Application

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Time Commitments

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Additional Questions

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