• Chapter Officer

    Are you a natural leader? Whether you’re good with people, communications, accounting, or video, there may be a spot for you in chapter leadership. If you take a leadership position, you’ll get this achievement.

  • Resource Provider

    If you’ve developed a flyer, activism guide, chapter-building strategy, or some other useful resource, don’t keep it to yourself! Upload your proven resources to the YAL website. You can decide if you want to share it with YAL’s whole network or just your chapter.

  • Liberty Entrepreneur

    Does your campus need a little liberty? If there’s no YAL presence at your school, start a YAL chapter today. It’s a simple process, and YAL’s national and regional staff are here to provide all the help you need.


  • Blogger

    Share your views, report your activism, and be read by a national audience! Writing for the YAL blog can be your big break into the world of writing for liberty.


  • In the Crowd

    You can’t change the world just sitting at your computer all day! You’ll get this badge when you RSVP for and attend an event organized by a YAL chapter, group of chapters, or YAL National Get out and meet people!

  • Community Organizer

    You’re the host (or hostess) with the most (or…mostess?). This achievement will be added to your profile when you create a listing for an event your YAL chapter hosts here on the YAL site.


  • Legacy Society

    Your membership will make you eligible for a host of exclusive resources and opportunities from YAL.

  • Make it Official

    Your annual membership will make you eligible for a host of exclusive resources and opportunities from YAL. You’ll get a free t-shirt, a year’s subscription to our magazine, and priority consideration for internships, events, and more.

  • Say Cheese

    Go to “Edit Profile” to upload a picture of your smiling face. Your profile picture should be square, and at least 160 by 160 pixels so it’s not blurry. This will help fellow activists to identify you!

  • Chapter Activist

    Get plugged in to your local chapter! If there’s already a chapter at your school, join here on the website and get involved in real life. If there’s no chapter yet, you can earn this achievement once you start one.

  • Socializer

    Keep your Facebook network active for liberty by connecting your YAL and Facebook accounts. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to control how much you share and who you share it with.

  • YAL Networker

    Each activist who creates an account on the Young Americans for Liberty website will earn this achievement. This is the first step in becoming a great liberty activist and plugging into YAL’s national network.