I’ve been the chapter president at Regent for 2 years and have loved seeing the growth and interest that my classmates and friends have expressed in political issues! I believe that disscusion and respect are the best ways to approach any political issue and would like to foster that environment in my chapter.

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  • With the quickly approaching date of the spring summits, our recruitment has been more focused then ever. In Lieu of a regular meeting, I and my recruitment director tabled in our student center lounge to get more […]

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    Our chapter celebrated YALentines day this February 14th! We kicked off out event with a free speech ball. Unfortunately, because of the rain and mud we had to opt for our smaller and more portable free speech […]

  • On Wednesday February 7th, the chapter at Regent University continued its great start in the pursuit of liberty for the semester! After having a meeting the week before, to discuss the goals and objectives for the […]

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