I'm the West Regional Director of Young Americans for Liberty, overseeing our State Chair team, chapters, and activism for California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii. Let's #makelibertywin in #YALifornia and the #westcoastbestcoast! I previously served as the Pacific Regional Field Coordinator at the Leadership Institute, where I trained hundreds of students on recruitment, communication, and leadership. Before that, I was the Northeast Regional Field Coordinator at Students for Rand Paul, overseeing student and volunteer outreach for New England and the rest of the Northeast - and I'm proud of how many people Students for Rand brought into the liberty movement and trained! My first political job was as a Deputy Field Director for the Massachusetts Republican Party. Between myself and the volunteers I recruited and trained, we canvassed over 12,000 households and called many more than that, to help elect the Governor of Massachusetts. Meanwhile I also volunteered for the New Hampshire Republican Party. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a BA in Political Science, and got a Minor in Spanish from the Pontifical University of Salamanca, in Spain. Getting involved with YAL towards the end of my time at UMass and then becoming a State Chair was the best and most fulfilling career move I ever made. It allowed me to come to DC a year after graduating to work for YAL for the first time, after which I left to work with Students for Rand, followed by the Leadership Institute and now back at YAL.

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