I actually started out as a staunch lefty socialist liberal. I was a Bernie Sanders supporter and thought taxes were the price we pay to have a civilized society or whatever. I always admired Ron Paul for his honesty, ever since I saw him run in the 2012 election, but I didn't really understand what libertarianism was all about, at least until this past presidential election cycle. I was redpilled hard by one of my best friends, who was part of YAL at CCSU. After some cognitive dissonance and a period of soul-searching, the seed Ron Paul planted in my mind finally grew to fruition, and there was no turning back. Now, I want to spread the values of liberty and help make America sensible again. I'm majoring in Landscape Architecture, work as a tattoo artist on the side, and think taxes suck.

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    Howdy y’all! Phil here, chapter president of URI and Recruitment Director of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. I am just giving a shout out to all my liberty-loving brothers and sisters here in […]

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