10 Feet of Free Speech at UAlbany

On October 5th, 2017, with a 10 foot tall beach ball and a passion for liberty, YAL took UAlbany by storm. We spent most of the day chatting with students, spreading the message of liberty, and keeping the ball on the ground. The students responded extremely well and excitedly covered the ball with their first amendment right. In the past, we’ve met minor resistance from students politely declining our invitation to write on the ball because they weren’t sure how they felt about free speech. However, on October 5th, socialists, democrats and republicans joined us in challenging our school’s unconstitutional speech codes.

Professors and other faculty members approached us with curiosity and expressed their support. The staff we spoke to are aware of the threat to the first amendment right and support our mission to change unconstitutional school policies. While rolling around the ball we were spotted by the Turning Point chapter president, which sparked a beautiful collaborative relationship. We are currently working on future events to co-sponsor. We also discovered some eager students who are now members of our chapter and are eagerly planning our next event, YAL-O-WEEN.

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