$100 Million in Budget Cuts

Remember when Obama proposed a laughable $100 million in budget cuts? Well, lo and behold, the federal agencies have pulled through with not $100 million, but $102 million in budget cuts! These cuts include:

  • Cutting unused phone lines
  • Copying double-sided
  • The Forest Service will no longer repaint white vehicles green
  • The Navy will delete unused internet accounts

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the Forest Service is no longer wasting taxpayer dollars on repainting cars. But these budget cuts don’t that prove the Obama administration is effective at cutting waste. These budget cuts prove that government itself is inefficient — any cost-cutting firm would have caught these savings a long time ago.

In the private sector, firms are forced to cut costs in order to maintain healthy profit margins and avoid being driven out of the market. Government agencies don’t face these incentives.

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