10/17/09 Roundup

  • Today, the establishment finds partisan politics to be an inconvenient farce, and bands together against its critics. This afternoon, former president George H.W. Bush tells us we should all back off of Obama, as our criticism “crosses the lines of civility.”
  • Later in the day, he joined our Dear Leader for a love-fest on public service (read servitude) at Texas A&M, where Obama praised Bush for his “impact.”
  • Brick and mortar booksellers are scared silly by the price wars in which Walmart and Amazon are currently embroiled, but I’m looking forward to $9 hardcovers. Thanks, capitalism!
  • Also in book news, news of Google Editions leaks. We’d be one step closer to freedom from intellectual property strangulation with an  e-book store dedicated to “helping people find the information they need.”
  • A group of protestors at University of New Orleans is politely told when, where, and how they may excercize their first amendment rights. Refusal to accept the implicit assertion that campus “peace” officers can play God with our inalienable rights is met, as always, with illegal detention and threats of violence.
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