1,300 Gather for Ron Paul at Wake Forest!

I remember someone saying in an earlier post on the event of Ron Paul speaking at Wake Forest that we might actually be able to deliver 500 people to the April 20th, 2009 event… Well, I think we far exceeded expectations in that department if nowhere else!

The media reported 800 in attendance, despite the press-release I sent them indicating the actual attendance, but even they could find little to criticize about the event even if they under-reported the attendance — when does MSM give us facts?

Nevertheless, truly, the event was one to behold. Really, you had to have been there. According to the distribution of programs — and we made sure only one person received one program — there were at least 1,300 people in attendance and that is not including those who did not take programs or the volunteers. Indeed, as I walked out after greeting Dr. Paul and sneaked around to the front of Wait Chapel to see the line, I was blown away to see the line wrap around the quad and go completely out of site! Job well done, you all deserve some credit on this one WFU Young Americans for Liberty.

We “hired” a professional photographer for the event and he should have the professional pictures from the event by the weeks end; I’ll be sure to post them when he does. In the meantime, check out a few of the photos taken by a few of the volunteers:

I’ll also try to put up a solid post in the forums about what we learned from such an event, in addition to the steps we took in order to make the event such a success. Without all the forward planning, this never would have happened nor would it have went so very well.

Everything really did go off without a hitch (well, except for the bulb blowing out on the projector during the premier of National YAL’s cursed “I Pledge” video — lol — you all will have to wait even further for that premier, sorry!) and even Dr. Paul himself was taken aback by the energy, the support, and the success of the event. He stated when seeing the large crowd and standing ovation: “You’d think a campaign was going on!”

Please feel free to watch the entire event online here, (please don’t mind the brief section where the pledge video plays then stops after my introduction — we had, as said, A/V difficulties) and be on the lookout for YAL National’s “behind the scenes” coverage of the event to come very soon. Thanks everyone, it was one for the books and a nearly perfect YAL event. Let’s (all YAL chapters) make this event look like dust in the wind compared to what is to come; it’s only the beginning and if we can continually outdo events like this, we might just be able to take this country back.

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