15 Billion in the Hole, So let’s drink to that.

My beloved neighboring state is 15 billion dollars in the hole. I am a Jersey resident who lives next to a nanny state that makes mine look like a light state. New York and their Nanny State approach towards almost everything is rearing it’s ugly head yet again. Instead of cutting his budget and trimming all the graft and waste throughout the entire state NY’s governor decided he wants to tax soda 15%. Fittingly called the Obesity Tax, it would slap on an additional 15% mark up to soda. The following tax would exempt diet soda. http://ny.metro.us/metro/local/article/Obesity_tax_aims_to_fatten_up_NY_coffers/14581.html

I believe I know how government thinks: If you think a person needs, wants or has something that you feel may be letting them enjoy themselves they’re they are going to tax you for it.

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