1,909 Signatures for Ron Paul!!!

This past week, North Carolina State University collected +/- 1,909 signatures to have Ron Paul speak on their campus.  The new chapter decided that they would start the year off with a blast and host the speaking event which will surely encourage new membership recruitment.

Left to right: me, Craig, Rob, Chris

Did these guys say, “That’s good enough?”  Nope.

Rob Bryan, the chapter president, said “I want this chapter to be going strong, so we’re going to shoot for the top!  We’re going to get Ron Paul to come speak.  It’ll be huge!”  

Rob’s zealousness quickly spread through the rest of the chapter, and encouraged a huge wave of members to come out and help.

The plan started Tuesday, September 28th, when Rob and Derek Spicer (Vice President ) went to class with a couple blank signature pages.  They announced to their classes and passed around signature pages.  They were encouraged by the responses; many people either knew of the good doctor or were at least interested in having such a popular politician speak  to the school.  By the end of the day, Derek and Rob had collected 100+ signatures, and the following day, they got another 100+.
With the incredible success, the two decided to step it up a notch and shoot for the 800 signature goal by that next Friday, so they got on the phones and called some friends.  

I received a phone call from Rob Wednesday night saying, “look at all these signatures we got in just a couple days!  If I could get some help from you and Chris Gault (my fellow YAL member/roommate), we can knock this out by Friday.”  Chris and I agreed to go help out the next day.

Rob, Derek, Chris, myself and two other YAL@NCSU chapter members (Brady Nemeth and Josh Carpenter) spent the entire day tabling for signatures.  The whole time, we never stopped to count the number of signatures acquired, because we’d do so at the chapter meeting later that night.  While we were collecting, the school newspaper came out to interview us and take pictures.  

Here’s Brady getting a signature from a passerby.
At the meeting that night, we counted up the signatures and were astonished!  1,100 signatures gained in ONE DAY!  (Take that YAL-University of Wisconsin-Madison
:D)  The meeting was well attended by 20+ people.  Craig Dixon, YAL’s North Carolina state chair, was so excited about the results that he drove 2 hours just to make the chapter meeting.  

We called up the YAL at East Carolina University (2 hours away) on Friday and asked them if they’d come out and help.  Matt Blackmon (ECU YAL President), Cindy Strickland (secretary), Rachel Pickens (treasurer) came with 3 other members!  We ended up blanketing the student parking lots with Ron Paul flyers and afterwards went to the football game to get more signatures.  After the day was up, we counted up about 500 signatures to bring the total number since Tuesday up to +-1,909.  

ECU with NCSU coming together for liberty!  Team Liberty!

Awesome flyers Rob put together.

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