Free Speech Ball at Morehead State University.

On Tuesday, February 20th, Morehead State University hosted it first activism event: A free speech ball! MSU has confusing “free speech zone” guidelines. Last semester there was a sign showcasing the area where free speech could occur. This semester, though, the sign has been taken down, but on the campus website it still explains that the area is a free speech zone.

The free speech ball started around 8:45 AM in front of Thompson Hall, home of MSU’s Craft Academy. As we started, a few individuals wrote profane words on the ball. Three different Craft Academy Members were very upset and made us cross out the most profane one (I was completely against it, but before I knew what was happening one of the other members began crossing it out). I am still furious over this as it completely goes against the principle of the free speech ball.

After this incident, we decided to begin rolling the ball across campus, but to  make sure we did not impede in the normal flow of traffic, we mostly stayed in the same area. After we moved we have many more individuals signing the ball and no faculty said anything to us. We ended up with a little over fifty signatures in three hours, which is great for such a small campus. Overall, our first activism event went incredibly well!

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