2010 is off to a rough start…


It is a sad thing to wake up after a fun New Years party, go to Drudge Report, and have the first headline be “In with a search:  2010 USA.”  It seems American citizens can’t go on public lands with out being searched…or at least, not to Times Square on New Years Eve:

Thousands of police officers were deployed in and around Times Square, backed by undercover officers, surveillance cameras, rooftop snipers, and devices able to detect radiation or biological agents.

Partygoers crowding into Times Square were not allowed to carry backpacks or alcohol and were banned from reentering the zone once they left.

Jitters increased Wednesday when police sent bomb disposal experts to check a van parked for two days in Times Square. The van was declared all clear shortly after, but not before police had evacuated the area, including the Nasdaq stock market building.

This is unfortunate, but given the heavy security already in place at airports (which are technically places where private commerce occurs), should we really be surprised if searches are put into place at entrances to places like Times Square or government parks?

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