2013 Generation of War Activism Prize Winners

TrophyThis March and April, 93 YAL chapters in every region of the country participated in YAL’s Generation of War activism project!

Thanks to this mass activism effort, we declared loud and clear that our generation is ready to end our unconstitutional, unaffordable, immoral wars. At the same time, we recruited hundreds to join YAL.

Now, we’re excited to honor the top Generation of War activism events. Competition is one of the central tenets of our philosophy. As Ludwig von Mises put it, “Competitors aim at excellence and preeminence in accomplishments within a system of mutual cooperation.”

That is why with every YAL national activism project, we include an incentive for chapters to compete. For 2013 Generation of War, that incentive was:

  • Best Report: $250
  • Biggest Event: $250
  • Best Generation of War Display: $250
  • Honorable Mentions: $50

Of course, since we can’t be there for each and every activism event on campus, your documentation of your event (blog post, pictures, video) plays a huge role in our ability to determine if your chapter is deserving of a prize. You will never win an activism event without good documentation!

So here are our activism contest winners:

Best Report: UNC-Chapel Hill — Don’t drone me, bro!


UNC logo

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill chapter of Young Americans for Liberty went above and beyond with their Generation of War activities. The day of their event, the UNC chapter tabled at a high traffic location, and then hosted Jacob Hornburger for a lecture on foreign policy. Wearing “Don’t drone me bro” t-shirts and even a drone costume, the UNC chapter brought attention to their group by standing under a giant drone, giving participants in their “Pin the Drone on the Warzone” game a taste of being targeted by a drone strike.

What truly separated them from the pack was their ability to attract attention for themselves in a creative yet simple fashion, especially by making the short video above. The t-shirts were all branded to go along with the event, and dressing a member up as a drone made for a fun and easy way to engage the campus.

See their entire report here!

Best Event: University of Wisconsin-Madison, with Jacob Hornberger of the Future of Freedom Foundation

UWMad Logo

The University of Wisconsin at Madison chapter is one of YAL’s most active groups, and participated in every activism project this year! Their persistence paid off as 45 people showed up to their meeting to see Jacob Hornburger Skype in as part of YAL U with free pizza and soda!

UW hornb

Their large turnout was thanks to their tireless tabling all year, including playing Pin the Drone on the Warzone on the day of the event.

See their entire report here!

Best Generation of War Display:  University of Richmond


YAL @ the University of Richmond made a big splash on campus by hosting  a memorial to fallen Virginia soldiers. The exhibit, called Eyes Wide Open, included 66 boots representing the 66 Virginia soldiers who died in Afghanistan, along with shoes representing killed Afghan civilians. Through this emotional display, students were given a somber and respectful reminder of the human cost of war. Children’s shoes were also displayed to represent innocent Afghan civilians who have died as a result of this intervention.

Afghan Shoe

This activism event stood out because of the size and emotional impact of the display, the thought that went into working with the families of Virginia soldiers who have died, and the planning effort to make this an all-day event by using votive candles to illuminate the display at night.

See their entire report here!

Honorable Mentions

Belmont University

At Belmont, YAL members played Pin the Drone on the Warzone, listed the names of children who have died because of US drones strikes, and hosted two antiwar speakers. See their report here!

University of Colorado-Boulder

The UC-Boulder chapter set up a mass display of more than 3,000 flags, one for each US soldier who has died in Iraq. See their report here!

El Camino College

YAL @ El Camino used boots and photos to memorialize soldiers from their area who have died in our unconstitutional wars, as well as children’s shoes to highlight the death of innocent vicitms. See their report here!

University of Missouri

The University of Missouri brought a replica drone to campus while they put on Pin the Drone on the Warzone. See their report here!

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech’s YAL chapter strung up a memorial flag for the name of every child killed by a US drone strike on foreign soil. See their report here!

University of New Orleans

Our YAL chapter at the University of New Orleans paid tribute to American soldiers killed overseas by planting flags in the ground as a memorial. See their report here!

UW-Baraboo/Sauk County

One of our newest chapters, the UW- Baraboo group put together a toothpick flag memorial to represent each US soldier killed in the Iraq War. See their report here!

Congratulations to our three winners, seven honorable mentions, and to everyone who made a submission for this contest!

THANK YOU again to everyone who participated! Browse all the Generation of War reports here.

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