2014: The Extinction of the “Sheeple”

America needs liberty!” This is what I have always excitedly declared to people when they ask me “What do you believe about politics?” I’ve been a libertarian since the spring of 2011. 2014 was a different kind of year though. It was the first time that I really, truly felt the need, the deficit, the hole that exists in this country where the flame of liberty should be burning.

I’d read about America’s lack of liberty for a long time. I’d read about our, frankly, embarrassing national debt, our dependency on government benefits, the shocking erosion of our civil liberties and our deeply unchristlike foreign policy.

Understandably, I knew what to tell people. I knew how to educate people, to spur them on to fight for renewal. I would explain our problems and the libertarian solutions to them.

2014 was the year when these problems became more than just things I could talk about. I could see them. I could hear them in the screams of protesters. It was the first time in my life that I’d actually felt the lack of freedom in my country.

There’s good news, however. One of the most common things you’ll hear if you follow the liberty movement on line is “Wake up!” I think it’s pretty clear that people are waking up to things now, albeit slowly. The events in Missouri and New York, as well as further drug legalization at the ballot box in November, are evidence of this.

Everything is Awesome!

I wouldn’t call burning cars and smashing store windows “being a libertarian” (or an anarchist, Hollywood!). I obviously find them childish and unhelpful. What I can say though is that people are at least aware that Fox News and all the rest are wrong. Not everything is ok in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Recognizing the problems in our country is not unpatriotic, it’s the first step to fixing them. I pray we will start doing just that in 2015.

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