2015 FACL Political Leadership Schools

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Foundation for Applied Conservative Political Leadership has a solid schedule of trainings for 2015!

Attend the Political Leadership School nearest you to become a respected and effective political activist or candidate.

View all the schools here: www.faclevents.org

Seize this great opportunity! Apply today!

3/29/2015-San Diego, CA
4/11/2015-Franklin, WI
4/11/2015-Oklahoma City, OK
4/18/2015-San Marino, CA
4/18/2015-Aberdeen, SD
4/19/2015-Chatsworth, CA
4/25/2015-Worcester, MA
4/25/2015-Cayuga, NY
4/25/2015-Columbus, OH
4/26/2015-Woburn, MA
5/09/2015-Concord, NC
5/16/2015-Morristown, TN
5/30/2015-Coeur D’ Alene, ID
6/06/2015-Seaford, DE

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