2015 Year in Review

A Year in Review.

Young Americans for Liberty at Utah Valley University had a killer year! I just wanted to take some time to highlight our greatest events. This year we basically took our club out of its two year retirement. We started the club with only four members and ended the year with over 150 sign ups and 15 rock solid activists. 

Fall Recruitment

We kicked off the year by doing some tabling. In our first two days we got 75 sign ups! 


Our next priority was fundraising and we got the opportunity to head to Johnathon Johnson’s (former CEO of Overstock) home and network with other student activists. Because we attended that event we received a $500 dollar donation!

Meet the Candidates_2

Meet the Candidates_1

In October we had our first activism event! We hosted a “Meet the Candidates Night” and invited local candidates from all of the districts surrounding Utah Valley University in Provo and Orem. We had every State Congressional and Senate district surrounding UVU represented! 


We tried to table once a month for the entire year. We have officially become known as the “people who had out free constitutions” at our school. We found that most people view libertarianism favorably and tried to connect with students face-to-face to figure out what issues matter most to them.

State Convention Group 

State Convention

We were privileged to attend our state convention, which taught over 115 activists from Utah and beyond! Our school delegation brought the most members and were thrilled to see the Legendary Tom Woods speak.


We frequently partnered with other organizations to help boost attendance at rallies and events. Above is a picture from a Police Brutality Rally in Salt Lake City. Our club also had members attend an NSA Protest at Utah’s Bluffdale data collection center. Many from our club attended Glen Greenwald’s lecture and Libertas’ Medical Marijuana Forums. 

Incarceration Attendance

Our most successful event was our last. INCARCERATION NATION. We did a whole day of tabling and “locking up criminals.” We handed out “Know Your Rights” pamphlets and printed up some great graphs to help us inform UVU’s student body about the over criminalization happening in the USA.

Locked Up_2

Locked Up_1

Incarceration Tabling

After tabling, we had a panel. On our panel we had a candidate for attorney general, the founder of Strata, an ex Swat Team Leader, and a current criminal defense attorney. We had a great discussion with over 30 people in attendance!

Incarceration Panel

This was a great year. I could not be more proud of my little group. We were told time and time again that we were one of the most active groups in Utah and we wear the title with pride. My YAL group is my family. This year I did something that mattered and I built a new family of people I will care about the rest of my life. 

Here’s to an amazing 2015-2016!!

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