2016 In-Review

This first year of our chapter has been wonderful. Over the year we have grown exponentially from 5 members to 15-20 active members at any given time. Not only have we grown, we have become recognized.

The local Tea Party chapter has taken notice and has been looking into helping our chapter mobilize and host events. They have even agreed to provide sound systems and other things to help out. 

As for events, we have tabled multiple times as well as hosted student activist Jake Goldberg from Tufts University at our meeting. 

This first year we have proudly become one of the largest and most active Young Americans for Liberty chapters in the Northeast Region. Much of this can be attributed to our recruiting director Joseph Garcia, one of the superstars at our chapter.

The highlight of our year is definitely our trip to the Northeast YAL convention in Boston. Our members had the time of their life and learned a lot. The trip there and back was definitely fun as well, thanks to our driver extraordinaire, Brian Toohey.

Demand for meetings became so high that starting this year, two meetings will be hosted at Becker College, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 9 pm. 

Heres to an even better 2017-18.

President Dan Jackson

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