2017 Fall Recruitment at Mansfield University

Fall Recruitment at Mansfield University was moderately successful. On Sunday, August 27th, the gang got to participate in the semi-annual organization fair after corresponding with the Student Activities office. This was a great opportunity, as new students were checking out the various clubs we have to offer here at Mansfield, and eager to get involved, not only for social reasons, but to start building their experiences. We got about 20 sign-ups from the hour and a half of the organizational fair, and lots of questions.

The next three days, Monday thru Wednesday, we continued the momentum and continued getting sign-ups. Throughout the four days, Heath, Josh, Kayla, Brandon, and Caitlin all worked the table and the clipboards, and we even got some help from a new participant named Sarah!

Our follow-up meeting taught us a valuable lesson. We were disappointed to find that not nearly as many people came to it as we thought would, and when we followed up with our sign-ups afterward, they told us they didn’t even know we had had our meeting. There was a disconnect somewhere and we had to find it.

After careful scrutiny of our activity from the preceding week, we noted we had made two serious mistakes. The first mistake was that we never texted those who provided phone numbers. We assumed email would work, since it was very early in the semester and people were trying to settle in. This proved to be false. The other crucial mistake we made was to set the date of the follow up meeting to the Monday of the next week. This allowed time for people to let their minds diverge on to something else. Correction of these two simple things proved very helpful moving forward with our Restore the Fourth event the next month.

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