2017 Hears Freedom Loud and Clear at Northern Michigan University!

This semester has been a resounding victory for free speech across NMU’s campus. We kicked off the season with our Free Speech Ball event inviting all passersby to sign and share their ideas. Markers in hand, students creatively exercised their first amendment right covering every inch of the enormous beach ball. Featured among the writings were statements about life, artwork, funny comments and political messages. Tim Adams and Andy Slaven made this statement to the press, “We like to demonstrate that people from all sides and angles of the political spectrum can come together and peacefully share ideas. The need for freedom of speech restrictions is unnecessary and we demonstrated it today.” While free speech has come under debate across several college campuses recently, it’s very rewarding to see students at Northern enjoying their freedom of expression. Wrapping up the semester, our chapter co-sponsored a lecture given by Thomas Cushman, founder of the Freedom Project at Wellesley College. The event titled “Who Gets to Speak and What Do They Get to Say?” brought the topic of free and limited speech to our campus for discussion. Working across the board with the College Democrats and College Republicans, YAL was successful in bringing this opportunity for questions and debate among students, faculty and guests to NMU. This has been a great semester for sharing the principles of liberty on campus and we’re ready for more to come in 2018.

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