2018 Starts Strong for Eastern Washington University!

Young Americans for Liberty has had a busy and successful month of February.

On February 8th, we took to campus in the early morning for a bit of clip-boarding for signups. We got exactly one! But that’s nothing compared to what aspired later in the day. That afternoon, Chapter Vice President Sarah Hindle and I attended a meeting with the VP/Dean of Students of the university, the keepers of policy and the student council president to discuss EWU’s policies that had glaring first amendment problems.

The seeds of this meeting were planted in November 2017, when our YAL chapter took to the campus with our free speech ball. We were informed that the school approved of our demonstration and was already taking steps to change their policies and we were invited to provide our input. Campus administration being so willing to work with us, was both welcoming and a little surprising!

At the meeting, we brought along a memorandum drawn up by our friends at FIRE, which highlighted the problem policies and included some recommended changes that would bring EWU from a red-light rating, to a green-light rating. Over the course of about an hour, we presented our case and were met with acceptance! The administration at EWU is going to take the steps to employ YAL and FIRE’s suggestions over the next year. The only reason it will take that long is because of bureaucracy which was of course to be expected. All in all, this was a big day for YAL not just here at EWU, but for YAL as a whole. A success story in the fight for free speech!

On Thursday Feb 15th, we had another recruitment drive, this time we had a table and received three signups. Unfortunately its hard to get people to stop and chat when it is 19 degrees outside.

Despite our troubles with signups, we have still managed to add three new members to our group just through advertising on our schools organization portal.

Happy 2018 to all and Go Eagles!


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