3 YAL Chapters in One City!

I am proud to announce that YAL at Fullerton College is well on its way to becoming an official chapter of not only the national organization, but also a recognized club on campus! A few weeks ago we tabled for the first time at our club rush, and overall we collected 50+ sign-ups! We have also held two meetings as of today, and are well on our way of creating a solid leadership team for the next semester!

Showing off some great literature!

However, this is not my first experience with YAL. Having been a libertarian since 9th grade, I had always sought out ways to connect with like-minded people, and followed the YAL Facebook page not too long after the organization was established. Last year, I read up that Cal State Fullerton (which literally is down the street from us) had an exceptionally active chapter, and I started attending their meetings. The people at CSUF YAL were amazing, and since both our campuses are commuter schools, I felt like I finally had a social outlet through school, even if it wasn’t the one I attended.

Some of of the great literature we showcased!

Fast forward to August, and I got a call from my CSUF friend Patrick Ryan, who recently became the California state chair of YAL, telling me that a fellow liberty-minded student named Justin at Fullerton College was interested in starting a chapter.  I immediately contacted him, and over some Costco Pizza we began planning out the future of Fullerton College YAL.

As of now, our goal is to get a core group of committed members through our meetings, fill out the necessary paper work to become recognized by the school, and recruit more dues paying members for our chapter. Once we be become official through the organization, we will be the third YAL in the city of Fullerton, along with CSUF and Western State Law School. This not only would make the city a “Tri-Force” of libertarian student groups, but it also means that the three of our chapters can start planning epic joint events!

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