4 Steps to Making an Awesome Activism Calendar for Your Chapter

CalendarUC Riverside YAL Activism Calendar (click to expand)

There are a ton of benefits to having an activism calendar. Here are a few: 

  • The process of making a calendar encourages your chapter officers to plan events far in advance.
  • Having a calendar (and following it) lends your chapter more credibility.
  • Officers, members, and potential recruits can all easily see what’s ahead and plan their schedules accordingly.

It’s really easy to make your own. Check it out:

1. Make a copy of this Google doc and save it to your own drive (this requires a Gmail account).

Step 1

2. Fill out the empty fields with your meeting/event information.

Step 2


  • Feel free to experiment at this point! Put in some sample information and share it around with your fellow officers. Afterwards get their feedback and make any needed revisions.
  • Use ctrl+enter to enter a new line within a cell (Learn more about Google Sheets here).

3. Export the Google sheet to a PDF file.

Step 3

Use these settings when you export:

  • No gridlines
  • Fit to width
  • Landscape

4. Print out copies and bring them whenever you table or hold an event.

Step 4
You’re done. Now go have an awesome Fall semester!

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