40-year Afghan War?

The incoming British Army Chief of Staff has said that military operations in Afghanistan may last up to 40 years. Considering this terrible prospect, one wonders how the “peace president” (and any future US heads of state) will keep NATO supporting the effort. After all, Europeans tend to be far less nationalist and trigger-happy than Americans, and most citizens of coalition countries already oppose the war. Yes, most American politicians are awful folks, and I don’t doubt the same rules apply abroad. But at some point, even the worst of the bureaucrat bunch does respond to overwhelming and persistent public pressure.

Significantly, the latest numbers indicate that a majority of Americans too, oppose the war, but I fear the “anti-war” left’s worship of the God-King will subside any pro-peace sentiment for a good while. Foreigners, thus, will probably turn on the “good war” far before we do.

(Thanks to Anti-war.com for the link)

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