4th Amendment Day at the University of Iowa

On April 19th, University of Iowa’s YAL Chapter held an event that we called “4th Amendment Day.” Our main efforts were focused on making sure that students on our campus knew about their 4th Amendment rights. We made posters that displayed some of this information and we passed out Constitutions and palm cards about how to handle police. 

The event seemed to be very successful. We passed out multiple stacks of the palm cards and many students stopped to engage in conversation about the 4th Amendment and how to act and speak if they are in a situation where they might be dealing with cops. There was an interesting interaction we had with one student who took our palm card, saw that we were with Young Americans for Liberty, and said “I guess you are just shitty white people.” I thought it was an interesting comment considering the theme for our events this week is Criminal Justice Reform and we are advocating for ending the Drug War, which is blatantly racist. However, the first amendment gives this person the right to speak their mind. Other than that, we were mostly greeted with smiles and genuine interest. 

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