5 Suggestions that will help YAL chapters recruit more college students.

It is the start of the fall semester, and all across the country on college campuses YAL chapters are setting up tables, making signs, talking to fellow students, and promoting the message of liberty. Here are five key points that YAL members should emphasize on and keep in mind when they make signs, slogans, and banners to promote the message of liberty. Take it from me:  I know how college students think; I used to be one of them.

1. Blame both political parties. It was a bipartisan effort that led our great country into this economic mess, and it is our message of liberty that will get us out of this mess. Say things like “The Democrats and Republicans BOTH to blame.”  Another good slogan would be “when Democrats go to bed with Republicans, it is the American people who truly get screwed.” Of course, make a clear distinction between our movement and the established bipartisan monopoly that controls our country’s political economy.

2. Promote the fact that the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE INSTITUTION. There are many left-wing students who hate rich people and corporations. Remind them that even the richest people, as well as the lower-classes and everyone else, are enslaved to those who print the money! Remind all of the leftist students who love government regulation that we too support more government regulation…of the secretive institution that controls our money supply (or an end to it altogether). After all, this is a power restricted to our actual government by the Constitution itself!

3. Emphasize the legalization of marijuana. There many stoners on college campuses, and they are obviously sympathetic to the legalization of marijuana. Even if people disagree with this approach, simply compare the effects of marijuana (which you can’t possibly over dose) to the effects of the already legalized drug, alcohol, which can kill you. Alcohol destroys families, lives, causes violent behavior, and is still legal, while comparatively harmless marijuana isn’t? 

4. Make it clear that we TRULY are anti-war, while the Obama administration has been anything but anti-war! One thing that we have in common with people on the left is our respect for the virtue of peace. Again, there are many left-wing students on campuses who hate war just as much as we do. Compare and contrast the number of casualties in Afghanistan under 7 years of the Bush administration to the number of casualties in 2 years under the Obama administration. 

5. Promote tax cuts for ALL taxpaying Americans by advocating ending the IRS! What is fair for one is fair for all.  Cutting taxes significantly (by at least 75%) for all Americans, rich and poor alike, will definitely stimulate our economy 100 times more efficiently than any unfair bail-out or stimulus plan would. Of course, this will have to be accompanied by some serious spending cuts to begin to pay down our ridiculous national debt.

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