5 Useful Sites…

…that I’ve referenced and/or enjoyed increasingly over the last year as my obsession with politics has ever increased.  Some of these I’ve referenced in earlier posts, and some I haven’t, but either way if you’re not familiar with them, they’re definitely worth checking out.

1. The Ron Paul Library: This is an archive of Dr. Paul’s speeches and writings, which apparently number in the thousands.  Because it’s searchable, it’s kind of like having him in the room whenever you have a question about a major issue: “Hey Ron Paul, what do you think about…”  This site is also helpful for referring your less-than-libertarian friends and acquaintances to should you find yourself tongue-tied.

2. Bureaucrash Social: The networking part of the Bureaucrash site, this is kind of like Facebook for libertarians, but with much better options to choose to describe your political views and different color options for your profile.  An account there is worth looking into, if only because it’s a quick way to find like-minded people in your area.

3. LewRockwell.com: I know, I know, everyone here is already a faithful Lew Rockwell reader, but I’m giving the link to draw attention not to the site in general, but to its search button at the bottom of the page.  This is an extremely handy option for people like me who can’t keep straight all the various congressman, advisors, cabinet members, etc. in the news.  If you’re wondering about someone you’re reading about, like why exactly Wolfowitz is such a bad guy and if you may call him “Wolfie,”  you can just pop over to Lew Rockwell and do a search to find out what liberty loving types with better memories than yourself have said.

4. The Austrian Economists blog: As much as we love Lew Rockwell, he doesn’t provide a blog roll – of if he does, I haven’t found it yet and would very much appreciate someone enlightening me.  This blog is a good read, and it does have a blog roll, which means that with a few clicks you can head down the rabbit hole of sweet blogs all over the web.

5. Watching America: Last but not least, this is a helpful site that daily translates into English news from around the world about America.  It covers sources from places like Iran, China, Morocco, Palestine, Norway, and more, providing an interesting outside perspective on our foreign policy which is unlikely to show up in the mainstream American media.

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