7 Reasons Why Libertarians Are More “Progressive” than Social Liberals

Socialists claim to be “more progressive” than conservatives. This may be true, but libertarians are far more progressive than both sides.  Libertarians value both economic and social freedoms, while the right only bothers with the former and the left with the latter.  Libertarianism promotes the virtures of self-sufficency, individual liberty, a peaceful and mature foreign policy, and equal individual and economic freedom for all.  Here are seven detailed reasons why libertarians are the true progressives:

7.  Socialists believe that government is the answer to everything. It is the all-knowing, all-powerful, authoratarian ruler of all. By contrast, libertarians believe that individuals have the right and responsibility to govern themselves.

6. The left is famous to dividing people into  “minority” groups. This creates segragation. Libertarians contend that all should have equal rights — their sexual orientation, race, gender, eye color, hair color, or favorite flavor of ice cream are secondary to the fact that they are individuals.

5. Many social liberals argue that government should be able to override private property rights for the “common good” — like Michael Moore in his “Capitalism, a Love Story, ” for instance. “Common good” is an extremely nebulous concept and often used as little more than an excuse for rampant government abuse of power.  That’s why libertarianism seeks to eliminate the government’s power to steal property before it actually does so — progressively looking to the future.

4. Socialists claim that the rich should pay more in taxes, an idea I can’t support even though I’m hardly rich myself. This is little more than income discrimination and punishment of success — which is why libertarianism would have everyone pay the same taxes…ideally zero.   After all, if we all have “equal rights,” shouldn’t we all be taxed equally?

3. Social liberals are admirably charitable, but too often their charity takes the form of draconian and senseless regulations which don’t actually help the needy.  Libertarians are in favor of eliminating these regulations, which shows faith in private citizens to do the right thing.

2. Who regulates the regulators? The more those supposedly helpful regulations are put in place, the greater the opportunity is for special interests seeking their own piece of the pie at the taxpayers’ expense. Libertarians progressively acknowledge the potential problems with regulations and corruption and seek to eliminate both.

1.  Libertarians prefer the risks of too much freedom to the risks of too little, allowing individuals to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their own lives.  Social liberals put all their faith into the two-headed leviathan, the all-mighty, all-knowing, all-powerful government — in other words, into the oldest failed idea in the book.  What’s so progressive about that?

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