7 Things Harry Potter Can Teach Us about Libertarianism

V.A. Luttrell over at Thoughts On Liberty has an amusing post extracting some libertarian themes from the Harry Potter series:

#1 Government is ineffective

In Prisoner of Azkaban, the government takes a crack down on Harry’s life because they think there’s a mass murderer after him. Just how effective is Fudge in keeping this thirteen-year-old boy in the home where he’s safe? If Sirius black had been any sort of real threat, Harry Potter would have been dead. When Voldemort returns, Fudge’s reign is riddled with one crucial mistake after another — and that is even after he admits that Voldemort is alive.

#2 Government is cruel

And who replaces Fudge as minister? One known as Rufus Scrimgeour, who makes George W. Bush’s policies on torture, habeas corpus, and illegal imprisonment look humane. He seizes a will and its contents against the law and threatens violence against a 17-year-old if he doesn’t comply with his wishes. Not to mention all the people sent to a prison (where they also torture you) without trial.

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