8!… 9!…10!… KNOCK OUT!

No, we aren’t talking about boxing. We’re talking about debating, and FEE is halfway through the “Arena K.O.” debate series where they livestream debates at each of their summer seminars. 

The debate topics range from marijuana legalization to immigration, and whether technology makes us more or less free. Distinguished participants include The Freeman’s Max Borders, Jeffrey Tucker of Liberty.me, and Jason Brennan of Georgetown University.

There’s still time to catch future debates.  FEE is hosting six more before the end of the summer! The next debate is Wednesday, July 16 at 12:45 p.m. ET between Judge James Gray, former running mate of Gary Johnson, and Kevin Sabet, a former Obama senior aide, on the topic of legalizing marijuana. Grab your friends and plan to watch the debate live!

For a full list of upcoming “Arena K.O.” debates, click here!

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