8 Days Left…

This is a reminder to all those who read the Young Americans for Liberty blog of my offer to help out any YAL group which wishes to produce shirts:  I’ll send you $100, we’ll discuss the type of shirt to be made, and you’ll send me one of the shirts in return.  My specifications for the shirts aren’t too daunting; just contact me for details.

The following schools have already decided to take advantage of this one time offer in NO particular order.

1. University of Washington
2. Appalchian State University
3. Case Western University
4. Arlington High School {NY}
5. Wake Forest University
6. Purdue University
7. Middle Tennesee State Univeristy
8. Ohio State
9. University of Wisconson – Madison

On October 2nd at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, this offer will officially be over.  If your group is not yet on the list, email me here to we can discuss the details of this plan. 

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