8 Steps for Summer Chapter Growth

So finals are here or approaching soon, and so is the summer.  Some of us will head home, far away from our universities.  But some of us will be working or taking classes over the summer in town where we go to school.  If this describes you and several members of your chapter, here’s a short list of things to do maintain and grow your chapter over the summer.

  1. MEET — regularly, even with just a handful of people at a public place like a restaurant. This keeps continuity and community established and allow you to…
  2. PLAN — the fall semester activities over the summer IF you do this, you will be able to hit the fall semester like road runners and avoid the month of back-from-summer amnesia that many student groups seem to have when school starts up while they reorganize. Your YAL chapter can stand out big time if you are super organized Day 1.
  3. RECRUIT — any way you can. Try passing out information about the group at new student orientation sessions, and if your school has people on campus taking classes then do recruitment tabling.
  4. ACTIVITIES — If your school has summer classes then there will be plenty of students in town and on campus with zilch to do. So screen a movie, have an Independence Day party, etc. to engage the summer students.
  5. COMMUNICATE –with everyone in your chapter via your facebook page and by at least monthly conference calls with your chapter leaders.
  6. PLUG IN — All of your sign ups from the spring semester with a phone call AND email about YAL, invite them to your summer meetings and get them involved. 
    If they are busy over the summer, but interested, make note and follow up close to the beginning of the fall semester.
  7. DEVELOPE LEADERSHIP — at the many summer conferences and events the many facets of the liberty movement puts on each year. Whether its Campus Freedom Network Conference, PorcFest, Freedom Fest, or a Youth Leadership School getting your members and particularly leaders to these events will bring them back from summer with fire in their hearts.
  8. YAL NATIONAL CONVENTION — Make sure your key leaders and upcoming leaders apply to attend this very important event. Apply today!
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