8 years in Afghanistan

Nearly 800 American servicemen and women have died in Afghanistan since the invasion to oust the Taliban and exterminate al-Qaeda was launched 8 years ago todayOur grateful country will remember them. Their sacrifice is unimaginable.

The AP chart below shows the spike in US troop deaths in Afghanistan in 2009.

US Troop Deaths in Afghanistan

The graph below is from a February 16, 2009 BBC News article after the newly inaugurated President Obama authorized the deployment of 17,000 additional troops.  Now, it looks like Obama is going to send more troops to Afghanistan. We’re eight years into Afghanistan with no end in sight.  What is the strategy other than eliminating al-Qaeda?  How has the mission been changed since October 7, 2001?  What have we learned in the last 8 years that we didn’t know less than a month after September 11, 2001?

US Troop Numbers in Afghanistan

Let’s not forget that giant social welfare programs by liberal Democrat presidents are usually stalled by foreign entaglements (ie New Deal/WWII, Fair Deal/Korea, Great Society/Vietnam).  Is the Raw Deal/Afghanistan the next mess to be added to the list?

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