800,000 H1N1 Vaccines for Young Children Recalled!

h1n1Who would have thought, right?

About 800,000 H1N1 vaccines are being recalled.

Apparently, the vaccines that are being recalled aren’t as “potent” as they should be. The French manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur (one of the 5 main manufacturers)  is recalling the vaccines.  

The company’s and CDC’s excuse? Children don’t have to be vaccinated and immunized against the H1N1.

The company’s spoke person Len Lavenda  said that the company’s test results were below 12 percent of the point where it should have been.

The four lots that were tested of the H1N1 all failed, according to Lavenda. These vaccines have been distributed all over America.  Doctors are urged to take precautions and are recommended to check their vaccines.

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