9/29/09 Roundup

  • Gen. McChrystal says that more troops and better relations with the Afghanis are needed to win this “war of necessity.” (How *shocking* that killing innocent people alienates their countrymen)
  • The global, government-connected intelligence brass seems to be divided over whether Iran’s nuclear program includes plans of nuclear warheads.
  • The history of inaccurate government “intelligence” is documented and deadly, but the government’s favored economists are just as unreliable and sketchy.
  • The “Nanny State” is no longer just a metaphor, reports Karen De Coster.
  • Is Bill Clinton really still whining about a “vast right wing conspiracy?”
  • And despite the ex-pres’ finger-pointing, the once-promising Rachel Maddow’s antics remind us that the establishment “left” is just as petty and bloodthirsty as the “right.”
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