A Badgers YALoween

Badgers of all grades going to and from class looked upon a graveyard. They didn’t see the gravestones of those that came before us but they in fact looked upon the gravestones of their civil liberties. They read “Right to Bear Arms”, “Freedom of Speech”, “Free Markets”, “Self Ownership”, “Private Property”, and more. 

Gravestones at Bascom Hill

There were many conversations about what was written on the gravestones. Most notably, the gravestone that said “Lemonade Stands” brought the most attention. It seems like such a small issue, but the destruction of lemonade stands due to a lack of a “permit” brought people into a conversation about government regulation and private property rights. Using stories that show the absurdity of shutting down children’s lemonade stands forced people to question the use of government force against an individual.

Lemonade Stands Gravestone

We didn’t need to explain that to all of the people we talked to, however. As the graduate students were leaving their evening classes, we spoke with many people that identified as libertarian but didn’t know that Young Americans for Liberty existed at the University of Wisconin-Madison! We quickly signed them up and told them all about YAL and our goals on campus. All of them were excited to hear about us and help us out as they can!

Conversations about Liberty

YALoween with Badgers was a surely a success for conversations about liberty and making YAL stronger at The UW.

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