A Brief History of Weed

If you wonder why anyone supports the legalization of marijuana and hemp, you should check this video out. It’s a quick primer on the history of weed. For a more in-depth look at the war on drugs, I recommend checking out the documentary American Drug War:The Last White Hope.

While you may not smoke marijuana, or have any plans to, people’s freedom to do so should not be prohibited by the federal government. As with other things, once you study the subject you will notice that the “War on Drugs” keeps a bloated overgrown federal government busy, and is more about controlling the citizenry. The Drug War has its roots in racism, fear, and protecting corporate profits. It’s a modern version of prohibition that doesn’t work. I’d recommend checking out Salon.com’s history of marijuana for even more information. Also, fun fact: 1 in 4 prisoners in the world, as a whole, is American.

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