A brush fire of liberty lights at the University of Arizona!

The new YAL Chapter at the University of Arizona started off their efforts by launching their first recruitment drive of the semester!

yal tabling

We tabled for two consecutive days and had great success. We targeted students with signs. One of them made fun of President Obama and the other targeted students on the idea of free market capitalism, considering we know that most students on campus would be socially liberal and the hard part would be finding those who were economically conservative.

University of Arizona YAL

We were approached by over thirty students who showed interest in our cause. Some of them heard of YAL before and were excited to find that there was a chapter on campus. Some of them were politically homeless and found themselves agreeing with our liberty philosophy.

The brush fire is growing! Liberty is coming to the University of Arizona and it is here to capture hearts, minds, and future generations of Americans! 

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