A Brutal Winter Can’t Stop UW-Madison from Spreading a Great Message!

Although several states throughout the country have recently passed medical marijuana legalization legislation, Wisconsin is lagging behind. So YAL at UW-Madison thought it would be a great opportunity to table for such a cause to remind students of the positive effects of legalization and its importance for individual freedom.

Our Spring 2014 Recruitment drive brought a wide array of students from different political backgrounds thanks to the appeal of our huge marijuana leaf poster featuring a quote from William F. Buckley Jr., “Marijuana prohibition has done far more harm to far more people than marijuana ever could.” (Ain’t that the truth!) This lead to a great number of email sign-ups and great conversations about the importance of liberty for all.

Spring 2014 Recruitment Tabling Collage

A solid attendance at our Spring Kickoff Meeting allowed for a great atmosphere of critical thinking and discussion on several topics that interested attendees. Ice breakers also helped everyone get a feel for who had experience in certain fields of study and what issues they cared most about.

Spring 2014 Kickoff Meeting

Next came our Marijuana Legalization Tabling event in Gordon Commons, a large dining hall on campus. During the lunch hour, executives and members invited students and staff to spin the “Cannabis Wheel” and answer a question for a piece of candy. Questions were based off of the “Top Ten Reasons to Legalize Marijuana” flyer that we were handing out to anyone walking by.

Marijuana Legalization Tabling Collage

Several students were shocked at just how much the U.S. spends on the War on Pot each year.  ($42 BILLION!) The list really helped put into perspective just how important marijuana legalization is to all citizens’ life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Top Ten Reasons to Legalize Marijuana

This week we will be hosting Sean Clark, from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) for a talk on campus about severe free speech restrictions and codes present on college campuses across the U.S. Sean is also a former YAF member who was involved in a religious freedom dispute as an undergrad Penn State. Currently, UW-Madison has a speech code rating Red with “at least one policy that both clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech” according to FIRE’s classification system.

Free Speech on Campus

Stay tuned for our report on “Free Speech on Campus featuring FIRE’s Sean Clark”!

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