A BS foreign policy

If you look at the United States and its role in foreign affairs you will find a lot of BS. BS — or bombs and subsidies — are the #1 ingredient in the foreign policy pie.

For far too long, the debate has only consisted of who to bomb and who to subsidize. Our foreign policy pie has been unhealthy for our nation as well as others. Perpetual preemptive war has emptied our wallets, ripped our limbs, and taken our lives.

However a new baker on the Hill has brought a new pie to the table. Senator Rand Paul has joined the debate and has offered a foreign policy pie without the BS.

Think of the friends you have. Now ask yourself how you became friends — maybe you met at school, maybe you share the same interests or maybe you bought friends. So, what you’re telling me is that you’ve never purchased friendship and that buying friends is a bad idea? My Uncle Sam begs to differ.

He is always trying to buy his friends and it never seems to work out for him. Sometimes the friends he buys turn against him, and some have even fought against him. Uncle Sam’s forefathers made friends by trading with each other and coexisting peacefully. If Uncle Sam could learn a lesson from you and I, it’s that the real friends you make you cannot buy. 

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