A Call to Collaboration

On Saturday, February 4th, members of the Occupy movement across the globe are planning to hold various rallies and marches in their respective cities to protest the growing momentum of U.S. interventions and sanctions against Iran that are building up to a possible declaration of war. Given that U.S. liberty-minded activists are equally passionate about halting the spread of our overseas empire and the unconstitutional declarations of illegal wars, this event presents a historical opportunity for liberty activists and Occupiers to unite for a commonly shared goal. 


 The organizations lending their official endorsement to this cause are strikingly diverse, ranging from the Workers World Party to the Center for a Stateless Society.

I would like to urge all Young Americans for Liberty members to coordinate with their local YAL chapters for a planned collaboration with the Occupy movement on February 4th to show the Establishment that we stand together in solidarity against the unconstitutional wars that are declared without Congressional approval, wars which threaten to bankrupt our nation both morally and financially. According to the Facebook event page, so far every state has an anti-war Occupy event planned in major cities across the U.S. on Feb. 4th, and I am working with my local YAL chapter to engage with our own city’s anti-war Occupy rally to be held this coming Saturday.

For far too long, the mainstream media has perpetuated an atmosphere of bitter division between “left” and “right”, encouraging political infighting amongst conservatives and progressives over superficial battles while downplaying many urgent issues that detrimentally affect both sides of the aisles.  Rather than highlighting the similarities and shared interests between diverse political groups, the mainstream media continues to insist that there is an all-out war between conservatives and progressives in this country, inciting their viewers to hostility rather than constructive problem solving. This “us vs. them” mentality of a football game discourages healthy and rational dialogue of urgent issues that the majority of Americans can agree on.  If not confronted, the false left/right paradigm may quite literally tear our country apart in political turmoil and confusion, leaving us too busy fighting amongst ourselves as our economy and civil liberties continue to erode. 

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