A dissapointing moment for a Great man

In this epic struggle of statists vs freedom fighters, Rand Paul is one of the heroes. Like his father before him, Rand’s kindness and decency is palpable to anyone watching him speak. He has a real job, an independent mind, and all the right people saying good things about him.

That said, I found this story to be very dissapointing. Rand Paul is advocating the “trial” of terror suspects in Guantanomo, rather than in a civilian court in the US. This is coming in the explicit form of a press release intended for public viewership. In addition to the fact that he’s more statist than Obama on the issue, it should be noted that Rand Paul previously expressed  clear opposition to prosecuting the  torturers of the previous Administration. Can we really tolerate the abdication of the rule of law for political reasons?

I understand that Rand Paul is in a Kentucky Republican Primary where neocons run the show. I also expect him to win and be every bit as great a statesman as his father. But when we start to turn a blind eye to a member of our liberty lobby advocating measures that contradict our principles, we have taken the first step down the road to endless compromising of means to achieve an increasingly distant end.

In other words, the path to socialism, war, and statism.

I can only speak for myself as an individual, but young and new as I am to the libertarian movement, I will not compromise on principle. Because I care about others and myself, I refuse to play any part in the evils of the state. Rand Paul has my personal support, but don’t acqueisce to his promotion of a very bad and unlibertarian policy.

(Link thanks to Scott Horton)

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