A Dying Republic

Dick Cheney’s admission that he personally briefed top Congressional leadership – Democrats included – on illegal torture and eavesdropping programs has caused an uproar, but not for the reason it should.  Many in the mainstream media are shocked by the fact that Democrats would work with a Republican administration that it purports to loathe and represent a major shift from.  Instead, they should be irate about the complete and total betrayal of the public trust perpetrated by, not just an “out of control” executive branch, but also its representatives and both its major political party. 

It can now firmly be said that the Imperial Republic is truly concrete fact.  The next step is some form of “Supreme Leader” – who will no longer find it necessary to even “consult” the Imperial Senate when deciding, out of some perverted form of benevolence, what is best for the American people.  Cheney’s admission is just one more indication that the rule of law no longer matters to the people in charge, who consider themselves above the very laws meant to restrain them. 

Congress has as little power to violate the Constitution as the president.  But since bipartisanship is now seen as synonymous with both wisdom and justice, it is now up to political elites to decide when their colleagues should have the right to break the law and violate the Constitution.  If both branches, as well as both parties, now think they within their rights to do so then our Republic may truly be breathing its last breathes – not that we should be surprised, or that there weren’t those who saw it coming long ago.

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